You are better than you think
Synopsis. The Girl makes a controversial post which gathers a lot of hateful replies and negative reactions. As a result, she is being assaulted by several anonymous users. The haters begin making negative comments to her resent post. She feels vulnerable and tries to report these accounts. Which doesn’t help her as the haters didn’t directly threat her life.

The next day the situation escalates: the haters invade her private life by making photos of her daily routine and distributing them in the network. The Girl feels that such attention can negatively affect her private life, social status and career. She decides to move on, orders the print of the controversial post with several top hateful reactions and comments. After the order is complete she makes a selfie wearing the top and shares it in all social networks.As a result, she receives much support it the Internet and the haters begin losing interest in assaulting her. She still receives some negative reactions from time to time but know she cares less about it.