A young woman named Anastasia finds herself fleeing the chaos of Ukraine and finding refuge in the Irish home of Miguel, a dedicated and methodical type who lectures in the nearby business school.
Miguel's life revolves around calculating and analyzing every aspect of his existence, but his structured routine is about to be disrupted by the arrival of Anastasia. Anastasia's life has been thrown into disarray, torn apart from her friends and the familiar comforts of home. Struggling to adapt to her new surroundings, she relies on her instincts and resilience to navigate the challenges that come her way.
As she settles into Miguel's house, a deepening connection begins to form between them as they share life experiences and the solace they find in each other's presence. In a poignant moment, Miguel presents Anastasia with a heartfelt gift, which opens their hearts to the undeniable attraction between them. Their emotions spill over, culminating in a kiss.

However, the reality of their circumstances abruptly interrupts their budding romance. Aware that their personal lives cannot flourish in the current time and place, Anastasia makes the difficult decision to gather her belongings and departs, leaving behind the sanctuary she had found with Miguel.